Need More Room in Your Barn?

We provide metal farm building installation and horse corral repair services in Prescott and Prescott Valley, AZ

As your ranch grows, you'll need more equipment, more livestock and a place to put them. High Country Fencing serving Prescott and Prescott Valley, AZ can provide custom metal farm building installation services to meet your needs. With over a decade of experience, we have what it takes to plan, design and build the exact metal building you need. We'll help you find the right location, plan a functional layout and choose materials that bring it all together. We can build everything from barns and sheds to garages.

Work with our experts on your metal farm building installation to make sure it's done right. Get in touch with us today to get started.

Prioritize your horse corral

While some companies focus on metal farm building installations, we do so much more. We also offer horse corral repair services in the Prescott and Prescott Valley, AZ areas. As you probably know, some repairs can wait, but others will become more expensive issues if you neglect them for too long. If you wait to repair your horse corral, you could be dealing with:

  • Stolen horses: We'll fix your barn doors to prevent theft.
  • Runway horses: We'll replace weakened walls to prevent escapes.
  • Unhealthy horses: We'll patch cracks to prevent cold air from making your horses sick.
It's always a good idea to take good care of your horses and their enclosure. Call us today to discuss your specific needs.